TXM V1.9.4 Released

Release Notes:

  • one language only (english). It’s just easier to maintain and I can focus more on functionality.
  • no squadpoints anymore for players. Less TO’s used this function due to the player report 100P if they destroyed the whole squad of his enemy.
  • No OK? anymore in the pairings table. This was a security mechanism to prevent unintended draws due to no draws this function isn’t needed anymore.
  • $ instead of € as abbreviation for paid because this is more international
  • If you change a players information while a round is running, you won’t loose any information anymore.
  • Dropped player will now be placed on there reached points instead at the end of the rankings.
  • In the pairings table you can now choose the winner through a dropdownbox instead of writing A, 1 or 2. So it should be more intuitive
  • Now the SoS will be calculated as FFG wants
  • Ranking and pairings table are now side by side
  • New labels for the title row in the pairing table
    • Table = Table Number
    • Score (P1): Destroyed points from player 1
    • Score (P2): Destroyed points from player 2
  • New Icon


Some Clean up & Future

Hey folks,

i removed the german section, because it is much easier for me to publish in just one language. Sorry for that! TXM has be renamend in TXM – The Tournament App.

Works on TXM 2 are going on, so you get a new layout in the main window for more usability and the ability to create tournaments for Runewars, Armada, Destiny and IA. Mac and/or Linux support will be added in TXM 3, this is much more work than expected.

News from X-Wing Tool

The X-Wing Tool is now released in version 0.2.0. There are some fixes in the import from the data source. New in this version: The Statistic module. You can import the lists (YASB-Links) form a tournament in a text file and the programm gives you a detailed statistic whcih ships, pilots and upgrades are used.

You can enter list by list or as a text file. You can export the statistics to csv (Excel).

TXM V1.9.2 Released

Small Bugfixes:

  • If the tournament name contains a / or \ they will be replaced with space, so they can’t  produce an abend.
  • If a player is set to a table (e. g. for filming his/her games or for wheelchair drivers) and this table isn’t used normally, due to there are less player so this table isn’t needed (e. g. Table 28 at 54 players: only 27 tables are needed). Now the table will be internal swapped, so you dont get an abend anymore.

TXM V1.9.0 released

New Tournament rules are in!

When you are adding the results their is a new field “Winner”. Winners default ist A for automatic. If both players have destroyed equal Points, you have to change the A. This will be checked. If player 1 is the winner enter 1 else player 2 is winner enter 2.

All other values except 1 or 2 will be interpreted as automatic.

TXM V1.8.2 released

Just in time for the StoreChampionship-Season: The new version of TXM, with an important change:

  • Now you can select if you want your players to get teamprotection or not
  • If you import from T3 teamprotection is off. You can change it in the tournament settings dialog.

This is important for SC’s due to teamprotection is only allowed at casual events and SC’s are competitive.